27 – 29
October 2021


`CEMS-Global’ brings to you ‘5th Agro Chem Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ scheduled to be held from 27 ~ 29 OCTOBER 2021, which will be a virtual showcase for the Agricultural Chemical-based products and service industry. It will reveal to the country, the rapid developments in the industry as well as new technology components. The neat layouts of the show provide many opportunities to the consumers of the industry to see the latest offerings in the market as well as to the business visitor to carry out networking in a highly enabled environment. The Agricultural Chemical-based products and service industry is therefore not only a networking ground but also a place to find business partners and strategic alliances for manufacturing, outsourcing, sub-contracting, design, and development as well as direct marketing. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have gotten acute importance in Bangladesh agriculture. Bangladesh started agrochemical use mainly in the 1960s as food security for a vast number of populations. The agriculture sector aims at facilitating an innovative and modern agricultural system, which renders increased production capacity through the invention of new technology and the creation of greater opportunity for agricultural research. Chemical fertilizers play a great role in agricultural growth but a greater level of awareness is required to refrain from using harmful chemical matter for maintaining a healthy ecological balance. To ensure food security through the development of agriculture in Bangladesh, the invention, adoption, and dissemination of ‘new technology’ must be ensured to increase the production of diversified crops. ‘5th Agro Chem Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ will be a perfect platform for Manufacturers & Suppliers to showcase their agricultural chemical products/ services Sector.


Agriculture Chemicals: Chemical Pesticides & Intermediates Ecological Pesticides, Bio pesticides, Agriculture Chemical Production & Processing Technologies.
Agricultural Fertilizer: Nitrogen Fertilizer, Potash Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer, Biological Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, New Specialized Fertilizers (Seaweed Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers, Foliage Fertilizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Trace Element Fertilizers, Humid Acid Fertilizers) Chemical Pesticides: Products of insecticide, Herbicide, Fungicide, Intermediates, Ecological Chemical Pesticides, Biological Pesticide, Pesticide Production, Pesticide Processing Technology.
Crop Protection & Biotechnology: Plant Growth Regulators, Transgenic Products, Soil Additives, Nutritional Agents, Turf.
Agrochemical Machinery: Equipment for Agrochemical Products, Spraying Machine, Agricultural Plastic, Farming Machine, Horticultural Grass Mown, Sprinkler Machine, Irrigating Equipment and the relative packaging.
Agricultural Plastic: Shed Film, Farmland Film, Shading Net, Anti-insect Net, Modern Agricultural Covering Stuff, Seed Nursery Container, Plastic Water Saving Irrigating Equipment.


‘5th Agro Chem Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ will be a perfect platform for Decision Makers, CEO, MD, GM, Managers, Agro Technologist, Scientist, Engineers, Owners from the below industries, Agriculture Department | Agro Producers |Agrochemical Wholesalers & Retailers | Chemical Product | Exporters & Importers | Consultants | Engineers and Technicians | Entrepreneurs | Farm Contractors | Farmers | Agriculturists | Agronomists | Government Representatives | Investors and Bankers | Mass Agrochemical Product & Technology Users | Technology Applied Organizations | Related Enterprises & Organizations | Transport & Logistic Experts | Universities and Research Institutions | Veterinary Practitioners.