27 – 29
October 2021


CEMS-Global USA’s “6th Bangladesh Clinical Lab Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition" is set to be the premier and most prestigious & exclusive Virtual Exhibition devoted to focus on the ever-growing Clinical Lab sector of Bangladesh and will be a one-stop single virtual platform to showcase from home and abroad the latest developments and emerging technology of the Industry. Being the only show of its kind in Bangladesh, the “6th Bangladesh Clinical Lab Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition” gives you a perfect virtual platform to showcase your new products or services to a vast audience, to introduce them and educate the attendees on what you have to offer. This exhibition is very important for Bangladesh as a whole as it will have an Industry specific showcase of the latest developments and technology from around the world.


Over the last decades, key health indicators such as life expectancy and coverage of immunisation have improved notably, whilst infant mortality, maternal mortality and fertility rates have dropped significantly. Long before the emergence of contemporary global health initiatives, the government placed strong emphasison the importance of childhood immunisation as a key mechanism for reducing childhood mortality. Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) in Bangladesh is considered to be a health system success because of its remarkable progress over the last two decades. It provides almost universal access to vaccination services, as measured by the percentage of children under 1 year of age who receive BCG. This increased from 2% in 1985 to 99% in 2009. Coverage of other vaccines has also improved substantially.


Laboratory tools and equipment: Metrology tools and devices, Analysis tools and devices, Control tools and devices, Microscopes and optical image processing, Equipment for Sampling, Thermal units and equipment, Automation and laboratory data systems, Laboratory accessories and consumables, Furniture for laboratories, Health care and cleaning equipment.
Raw materials for laboratories: Basic chemical products, Special gas for laboratories Chemical reagents, Additives and coloring agents.
Services suppliers labs: Medical analyses labs, Biotechnology analyses labs, Environmental analyses labs, Physio-chemical analysis labs, Solids analysis labs, Metrology and calibration labs.
Management of inter lab tests and ability tests: Organization for inter-comparison tests, External quality control lab EQC, Internal quality control lab IQC Accreditation organizations.
Services, maintenance and training: Laboratories fitters, Miscellaneous maintenances, Training, schools and universities Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web portals.


The “6th Bangladesh Clinical Lab Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition” will focus on Target visitors consisting of Professionals from Pharmaceutical industries, Food industries, Agriculture, Public works and construction, Chemical industry, Plastic and rubber industries, Health and cosmetic products, Mechanical and electric industries, Oil and petrochemical industries, Mining and metallic industries, Environment, Textile and Leather. Also, from Services suppliers laboratories such as Medical Analyses labs, Biotechnological analyses labs, Environmental analyses labs, Physio-chemical analyses labs, Metal analyses labs, Metrology labs, Accreditation and quality control, Inter-comparison organizations, Universities, and public labs, Research and development.

Visitors will include CEO’s, Senior Officials, Decision makers and Professionals from the entire target Industry of Bangladesh. The Expo will also focus on Consultants, Distributors / Importers / Suppliers / Traders; Agencies, Government Officials, Associations.