27 – 29
October 2021


After successful editions of ‘Pharma Bangladesh’, CEMS-Global USA jointly with CEMS Bangladesh present the absolute leading International Exhibition on Pharmaceutical, Raw Materials, Active Ingredients, Processing Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Equipment and Related Services for the Pharma Sector – “8th Pharma Bangladesh 2021 International Expo – Virtual Edition”, which will be Bangladesh’s biggest Pharmaceutical Machinery & Technology Exhibition and a one-stop single virtual platform to showcase the latest technology achieved and the latest progress made by the Pharmaceutical Industry and will feature and demonstrate the world’s spectrum of latest machinery, equipment & technology required by the Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh, which is rapidly growing like never before and with its fast pace looking beyond the borders of Bangladesh, is all set to become the emerging largest sector earning foreign exchange for the country.

The “8th Pharma Bangladesh 2021 International Expo – Virtual Edition” will be a great B2B virtual platform and an online meeting place for Buyers and sellers of Plants, Machinery and Equipment and will also provide an interactive platform for Exhibitors to generate business through technology & machinery displays.

The “8th Pharma Bangladesh 2021 International Expo – Virtual Edition” will enhance the synergy effect and attract top level professionals from the Industry thus improving technology, focus and visitors of the expo.

Exhibiting at the “8th Pharma Bangladesh 2021 International Expo – Virtual Edition” will open your doors to the entire Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh and a perfect networking event you cannot afford to miss.


Over the last decades, key health indicators such as life expectancy and coverage of immunisation have improved notably, whilst infant mortality, maternal mortality and fertility rates have dropped significantly. Long before the emergence of contemporary global health initiatives, the government placed strong emphasison the importance of childhood immunisation as a key mechanism for reducing childhood mortality. Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) in Bangladesh is considered to be a health system success because of its remarkable progress over the last two decades. It provides almost universal access to vaccination services, as measured by the percentage of children under 1 year of age who receive BCG (a vaccine against tuberculosis). This increased from 2% in 1985 to 99% in 2009. Coverage of other vaccines has also improved substantially.


Machinery & Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry, Plant for Pharma production, Packaging Machinery / Materials, Tableting & Liquid filling machines, Lab Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Labware, Process Control & Instrumentation, Quality Control Equipment, Treatment & Waste Management Systems, Automation & IT, Outsourced Products, Refrigeration Cold Rooms & Clean Rooms , Raw Materials, Bulk Drugs, Drug Intermediates, Excipients, Additives, Consultants , Technical Services for Manufacturing of Bulk drugs & Setting up new Pharma plants, Support Services, Related Publications & Web portals.


The “8th Pharma Bangladesh 2021 International Expo – Virtual Edition” will focus on Target visitors consisting of Top Executives, CEO’s & Operation / Production Managers from Pharma Manufacturing Industry of Bangladesh, Senior Executives from Production, Quality Control, R & D and Purchase Departments, professionals from R & D Institutions, Pharmacists, Specialists, Top officials from Government, Trade bodies & Associations, Consultants and Academicians from Medical and Pharmacy colleges.