27 – 29
October 2021


CEMS-Global brings to you ‘5th Poultry & Livestock Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ scheduled to be held from 27 ~ 29 OCTOBER 2021, 2021 will be a virtual showcase of the Poultry, Dairy, Livestock & Aquaculture based products and service industry. Poultry is one of the most important sectors of agriculture in Bangladesh for maintaining the need of protein and nutrition. It was in 1995 that the poultry industry started in an organized manner in Bangladesh. In just 22 years the industry has seen exponential growth. There are over a hundred thousand poultry farms, small and large, across the country. Alongside poultry, the fisheries and livestock sectors are two major pillars of Bangladesh’s economy, and more than 10 million people directly depend on these sectors for their livelihoods. These sectors are important for food, nutrition, income, export earning, etc. 5th Poultry & Livestock Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ will reveal to the country, the rapid developments in the industry as well as the new technology components. The neat layouts of the show will provide ample opportunity to the consumers of the industry to see the latest offerings in the market as well as the business visitors to carry out networking in a highly enabled environment. The Poultry and Livestock based products and service industry is therefore not only a networking ground but also a place to find business partners and strategic alliances for manufacturing, outsourcing, sub-contracting, design and development as well as direct marketing. 5th Poultry & Livestock Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ will be a perfect virtual platform for Manufacturers & Suppliers to showcase their Poultry & Livestock products/services and the Expo will assemble agents, distributors, importers, trading companies, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, business representatives, restaurants and of course the consumers as well as other bulk purchasers from around the world.


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‘5th Poultry & Livestock Bangladesh International Expo 2021 – Virtual Edition’ will be a perfect platform for Decision Makers, CEO, MD, GM, Managers, Owners from the following industries: Banking, Financing and Insurance Companies | Consultants & researchers | Co-operative Federations’ Authorities | Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Entrepreneurs | Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farmers | Dealers/ Distributors/ Wholesalers/Traders/Consultants | Feed Millers | Food Exporters, Wholesalers., Retailers & Distributers | Food Scientists | Government Authorities | Hotel and Restaurant Owners, Managers | Livestock & Aquaculture Farmers & Integrators | NGO’s | Nutritionist | Processed Food manufacturers | Producer Association | Quality Controller | Related Government Organization & Educational Institute | Research and Development Professionals | Traders, Publishers distributors | Veterinarian Hospitals & Clinics.